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AO Women's Bicycle Co. Maya 21 Speed City Comfort Commuter Bike


Sleak, streamlined and serious— a bike for the cyclist who wants to log countless miles and will have the sweat to prove it.

21 Speed
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Rider Height

    5'2" to 6'2"

  • Usage


  • Distance

    up to 30 miles

  • Riding Speed

    0 to 20 mph

  • Terrain

    flat terrain, hills for days, slippery streets

  • Brakes

    front and rear hand brakes

  • Tires

    700c x 38c


Your bike doesn’t have a mileage limit. As a general rule any bike with a cruiser bike style frame is gonna feel a lot less comfy and cozy after 15 miles. Hybrid and sport bikes are a better option for longer rides.

26”x1.95” & 26”x2.125”

Cruiser Tires are made for slow rides and maximum comfort. They’re significantly wider than standard tires and use a low level of air pressure which delivers smooth, vibration free rides.

700cx36C & 700cx38C

Hybrid Tires are made for a variety of surfaces. They vary in width but an easy rule to follow is: narrower for flat surfaces and quicker speeds, wider for uneven surfaces and more stability.


Customizations require extra labor to swap parts and reassemble the bike. You chose our original design.

We hope you enjoy your kickback!