Our Commitment

A/O Bicycle Co. is committed to serving the biking needs of women everywhere. For women that understand that riding is a lifestyle. For women that understand that riding for function and fun are the same. And for women that understand that healthy living is joyful living.

Our bikes are carefully designed to meet your unique needs— everything from your body type to the roads you’ll ride.

From purchase to pedal, we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll invite you to participate in the process. We’ll ask questions and we’ll listen. We’ll find out where you want to go and what you consider comfortable. Because getting to know you is how we get it right.

Our Community

She owns the weekend.
The roads are her gym.
She cruises with her kids.
Rain or shine— she commutes.
The planet is her home.
Her rides make a difference.

These are your stories.
And it’s our story too.

We are committed to building community and sharing the stories of women who have embraced the A/O lifestyle. Let’s keep the conversation going and support the journeys of women everywhere. Share your story with us!

Ride for your own reasons.
Ride with joy.
Ride A/O.


Your bike doesn’t have a mileage limit. As a general rule any bike with a cruiser bike style frame is gonna feel a lot less comfy and cozy after 15 miles. Hybrid and sport bikes are a better option for longer rides.

26”x1.95” & 26”x2.125”

Cruiser Tires are made for slow rides and maximum comfort. They’re significantly wider than standard tires and use a low level of air pressure which delivers smooth, vibration free rides.

700cx36C & 700cx38C

Hybrid Tires are made for a variety of surfaces. They vary in width but an easy rule to follow is: narrower for flat surfaces and quicker speeds, wider for uneven surfaces and more stability.


Customizations require extra labor to swap parts and reassemble the bike. You chose our original design.

We hope you enjoy your kickback!